Integrate Your Shadow, Heal Your Trauma, And Soothe Your Ego.

I Welcome You to Finally Discover Empowerment, Peace, & Serenity With the Hidden Power of Music

Are you ready to experience the peace & power of a 5D state of consciousness?

If you are human, there’s no question that you’ve encountered what I call the 3D human experience.

This experience is rife with anxiety, trauma, and stress.

An almost constant state of second guessing yourself, feeling fearful, and questioning the value and purpose of your existence.

As humans, we’re prone to self-sabotage & conflict.

Easily swayed into a state of surviving, instead of a state of thriving.

What we want is to feel calm, empowered, and peacefully aware of exactly who we are, and what we’re here to do.

We’re searching for an eternal sense of trust that the Universe is conspiring to help us experience and fulfill this thing called life.

But many of us don’t find it.

This is because a lot of people spend their entire lives in conflict with their shadow (something I’ll explain here shortly if you aren’t familiar with it yet).

But I get the feeling that you being here, reading this page right now, means you’re not destined to be one of those people.

You’re destined to find that peace & empowerment you’re searching for. But you require a little support to get there (as do we all, I assure you).

The question is, how will that transformation happen for you?

Right now, my intention is to give you an answer to that question that you might find is an incredible fit, and is showing up at just the right time when you need it most.

Just like it has for so many others, like Dyane:

Dyane Rogelstad

"This Quest has truly improved my life!"

"When my Dad passed away, I was faced with overwhelming grief for the first time in my life. I decided to use the skills from this Quest to learn to process my grief using music as my guide and lifeline. It has worked so well! I now feel empowered to face this difficult emotion. I now know how to gently recognize, approach, and enter times of grief and to use my curated playlist to safely and effectively take that journey."

So, let’s get into the details of it, shall we?

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

This is the essence of shadow work.

What is Shadow Work and why should you care?

Shadow work is the idea that within each of us there lies light (our higher consciousness), and darkness (our shadow).

As humans, we tend to turn our shadow into a rejected exile. Fracturing our whole into opposing pieces that can’t work well together.

While most people try to hide our demons, stuffing them away in an internal cage…

That tends to not work out.

Simply put: how can you be empowered and at peace with the whole of you, if you’re rejecting half of you?

Shadow work is the counterintuitive concept that perhaps integrating your dark & light in a balanced, authentic way will bring you into a state of empowerment, peace, and serenity.

Discovering, accepting, and embracing yourself fully.

Now, if you are familiar with this concept, then you’re probably used to approaching your shadow in the old way.

The Old Way of Dealing With Shadow

The popular ways to try to deal with our inner shadow come in many forms, including (but not limited to):

  • Meditation
  • Medication
  • Psychotherapy
  • Ignoring it | Denial
  • “Discipline”, sheer willpower and self-control

And at the moment even I have to admit, these tools have their benefits.

The issue is that they can only provide short-term relief, instead of the genuine transformation that practitioners like you are looking for.


Because they still don’t fully integrate the shadow. They’re mostly suppressing it, or appeasing it. Which are short-term remedies.

The truth is, our shadow isn’t going anywhere.

It’s a part of you.

So it would make sense then, that it might be more beneficial (in the purpose of genuine peace & empowerment), to discover how to fully accept and integrate your shadow.

Instead of putting it off for another day.

  • Doubting your life, your decisions, and even your sense of self
  • Sabotaging your interpersonal relationships (often without even realizing it)
  • Feeling out of control of your mind, body, & soul
  • Looking at your journey, and wondering is this it? Am I stuck in this loop of momentary relief, followed by inevitable fear & doubt?

If you’re battling your shadow often, you’re spending a lot of time:

And when you try meditation, medication, psychotherapy, and other methods, one of these things happens:

  • No matter how consistent you are, you’re not seeing the results you were promised.
  • You might still find yourself easily pulled into a lower vibrational state (negative state of mind), because the tools you’re using aren’t preventative
  • Medication was dulling your spirit, creativity and flow
  • You struggled with feelings of guilt and shame when setting boundaries and moving into a state of empowerment
  • You struggled with incorporating emotions into your daily life.
  • You had trouble drowning out the self-doubt that plagued you.

Does that sound right?

I’ve helped others in your shoes many times before, like Steven:

Steven Morrison

"Don't deny emotion; incorporate it"

"I have sincerely appreciated this very directed, unique, meaningful, and effective way for us humans to process and understand emotion. It's a skill, and this Quest shows us how to use it. The times in which we live demand that we learn to incorporate emotion into our daily life experiences instead of denying it altogether, and the Quest shows us exactly how to do this in a way that is compellingly easy to appreciate because music is the means."

What would you prefer to be spending your time on?

  • Discovering and living your purpose fully?
  • Trusting your intuition to guide you to exactly where you need to be?
  • Standing in your power no matter what room you walk into?
  • Feeling a sense of peace & serenity in who you are, and your place in the world?
  • Having unbreakable confidence in yourself - even when the world is challenging it?
  • Knowing that when the Universe is sending you your next lesson, you’ll be able to rise to the occasion with a trusting, cool sense of confidence that you thought only existed in your favorite television characters?
  • Knowing that - even in times of pain - that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. And you know exactly how to make that happen.

What if I told you that - like most answers - there IS one for this, that will help you achieve exactly the state of mind & spirit you’re searching for, and it’s just been hiding in plain sight this entire time?

Because no matter what phase you are in your journey and what your goals are…

Whether you’re:

  • On a search for purpose and fulfillment
  • Trying to find peace in the midst of a painful time
  • Trying to find empowerment and release your trauma…

This can help you.

Of course now, you’re wondering what “this” is?

Introducing: The Hidden Power of Music

Now I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you like - or maybe even love music.

You’ve probably felt its impact before, and used it as the “Universal Language.”

Whether that’s been to make mixtapes (now, playlists) to express romantic interests.

Connect with friends in a venue to watch your favorite musician.

Or go and lose yourself on the dance floor for a night.

We use music to set a tone, express our mood, or even to change the energy in the room.

We know music is powerful, but…

What if we’ve only tapped into about 5% of that actual power?

What if you could ALSO use music to:

  • Face your shadow without those usual feelings of judgment, shame, and guilt
  • Accept and integrate parts of yourself that you’ve been in conflict with for years, if not decades
  • Gain clarity on your purpose and who you are
  • Develop your soft skills, connect better with others, and excel in your career and intention
  • Unlock a hidden but powerful level of resilience within yourself that you didn’t realize was there, so you can feel at peace in painful situations, and empowered in difficult ones
  • Heal from your past trauma so it can stop ruling your present self
  • Finally put an end to self sabotage and holding yourself back
  • Develop a trust in yourself, your intuition, and the universe to have your back on your quest
  • Instill a sense of peace in yourself that sustains (even when it’s time for the track to end)

When music is used intentionally by the listener, with a specific process, it becomes a fundamental tool in our quest for peace and enlightenment.

So many of us spend years on this quest, walking through the forest in the dark, trying to find our way.

Music has been the hidden tool, all along, that gives us the light to see and feel clearly what’s been our path all along.

All we ever had to do was tap into it…

Why should you take my word for any of this?

Well fortunately, you don’t have to.

Hi, I’m Bill Protzmann

I’ve been helping people integrate inner shadow, heal their pain, and step into peace and empowerment with the hidden power of music...

And this has helped people transform over and over again. Like Nicolette:

Nicolette DeVidar

"This was an AMAZING journey"

"Thank you, Bill, for inviting me to go on this Quest and for your encouragement throughout. And thank ALL of you who put this very thoughtful and carefully orchestrated Quest together. I can heartily recommend it. Coming from a very spiritual background, the Quest helped me unlock a key to two paths which I had to date not fully grasped, and which have opened through the Quest and helped me further rise. As with everything in life, synchronicity is the magic ingredient when life unfolds."

As a musician I started out with a love for playing (and of course listening to) music. It wasn’t until I found myself on my own quest to peace and enlightenment that I discovered the real power of music that I’d been missing all along.

I found myself in awe, discovering how music could be used in a practical way, to ease and support me along my journey in every area of my life. Mental, physical, spiritual, financial, and relational.

Music can be used in a very real way to give us peace through pain, and confidence through struggle. It can heal doubt, make us realize our inner power, and release us from the shackles of trauma.

Music can transcend our state of consciousness from 3D to 5D, taking us to our next level spiritually, and connecting us with our purest form of energy - our soul.

This is when I realized that the power of music is endless.

It’s our knowledge about this power that’s been limited all along.

Upon discovering this for myself, I had to share it with others and see if it would work for them, too.

So I shared my process with listeners (not other musicians), and discovered that it works equally as well for all humans on this quest.

From there I founded Music Care Inc, now called Musimorphic, the first for-purpose business established to teach you how to give yourself effective, evidence-based transformation so that you can overcome your battle with your inner shadow… using nothing more than the music you love.

I’m the world’s leading advocate and educator on the power of music for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation and well-being.

And my work has also been recognized by the National Council for Behavioral Health with an Award of Excellence... the behavioral health industry equivalent of winning an Oscar.

And now, I’m inviting you to join the Musimorphic community in discovering the Hidden Power of Music for yourself…

And start your Musimorphic Quest With Us, So You Can…

  • Accept, make peace with, and integrate your shadow
  • Heal from your trauma and grief so you can finally start feeling like yourself again
  • Gain clarity on your purpose in life
  • Make decisions without second-guessing yourself
  • No longer feel like you’re broken
  • No longer feel like you’re being controlled by your inner shadow

But that’s not all…

How Will Musimorphic Help You?

You will be actively learning through this interactive form of gamified online education... where you spend 20% of the time on the computer but 80% of your time with the music.

Here’s what you’ll get in Musimorphic Quest:

Level 1: Discover the Hidden Power of Music

I’ve told you the what music can do, but I’m sure you’re still wondering how it works and “makes sense”. This will immediately be answered for you as you start your music quest.

This lesson alone will transform your relationship with music, through transforming your knowledge of how music really works and can work for you.

Level 2: Speed of Progress

Imagine you’re leaving your home to get to a different location. You know what the destination looks like, and the general direction to go in (North, South, East, West)... but truth be told you’re not very clear on the route to take there.

If the only thing you have is the general direction, it will take a long time to get there. And probably a lot of missed turns, turnarounds, and fumbles along the way.

This is what most people are used to experiencing. Maybe even you! Knowing you want peace & empowerment, knowing it’s in this “general direction” of letting things go and shadow work and learning to be calm, but mostly we just stumble our way through without anything more specific.

But if you have an exact set of steps for the fastest route - say, a GPS system - you’ll be there much faster with much less guesswork.

This level is all about getting you set up with your GPS for your Music Quest. Where you’ll be able to map your route for speed of progress, and know exactly what steps to take and when to take them. No more turnarounds, wrong turns, and fumbles.

And no more snail’s pace progress that you can barely feel, and question often.

Level 3: Overcoming Self-Sabotage for Good

Now, imagine on this Quest you’ve set off into the desert to get to your destination, and a mirage shows up along the way.

It looks real, and you believe it’s real. So you treat it as such, just to find out later that it wasn’t and it was really there to hold you back, or send you in the wrong direction. Telling you stories that weren’t true.

This, in a nutshell, is our experience with self-sabotage. As humans this is a normal experience, but it isn’t an enlightened one.

Luckily, you’ll discover how music can help you completely avoid moments of self-sabotage. Arming you with the awareness to see it clearly, and guard against it.

Level 4: Instant Joy

Music has the power to instantly transform our emotional state. You may already know this if you’ve seen “Focus” music and binaural beats.

But it doesn’t stop there (nor should it)!

Now you can have a full arsenal of music to instantly transform your emotional state into a high vibrational one. So you can experience calm, peace, joy, gratitude, whenever you want to.

Better yet, is that this lesson helps you sustain those emotions when the lesson is over. Giving you the ability to lean into new positive emotions that your ego might be overwhelmed by because they’re not familiar. And giving you the ability to feel safe in them, and call them on your own.

So you don’t need to listen to the music all day, every day, in order to find the state you’re looking for. Eventually you’ll be able to sustain without the music. Using the music for maintenance and rainy days.

Level 5: Fuel for your journey

Like any journey, ours requires fuel. There’s a specific kind of fuel for your Music Quest that will help you sustain, and empower you intellectually, physically, and spiritually along the way.

Level 6: Proof of Concept

At this point you’ve taken in a lot of information and it’s time to put it to a test so you can see for yourself how this works.

Music is incredibly powerful when used in the way we’re using it. So I’ll instruct you on setting up a safe test environment for you to see, feel, and of course hear, the difference for yourself.

Level 7: The Power of Neutral

Once you’re done with your practice run you’ll discover how to tap into your higher consciousness. This is a space where everything becomes neutral, and you’re existing and living from your soul, instead of your (often overthinking) mind.

With your ego in a quiet place, you’ll discover the inner peace that you’ve been searching for.

A peace that helps you feel empowered and powerful in the decisions you make.

A peace that takes away all of the cloudiness of a raging ego, so you can see clearly what you need to do on your path - with any situation you’re currently facing in your life, and any goal you’re on a path to completing.

Once you find the power of neutral, you get to allow it to propel you forward.

Level 8: Your Heroic Journey Plot Twist

You know, it’s a common experience that when we ask the Universe for something, we can think it responds, “How much do you want it?”

We see this all the time in the “Heroic Journey”. Movies and shows that show our hero looking like they’re just about to succeed - for something to happen at the last minute and set them back 10 steps.

This journey can feel the same. Once you take what you discover in your Quest out into the “real world” - your progress may be challenged.

But instead of being surprised, and at a loss of what to do next - you’ll be prepared.

Because this level is where you solidify rituals and practices that will help you overcome these hurdles and recenter, until finally, you feel like the transformation has solidified.

Level 10: From Transformation to Evolution

Through each level you’ll feel progress, and the Quest is designed to ensure it.

But upon completion of the 10th and final level, is where you’ll feel genuine, holistic, transformation. Not just in one area of your life, but in all aspects of your relationship with yourself that will extend out into every area of your life.

This is where you’ll feel the peace, serenity, and empowerment you’ve been after all along.

Those are all of the main levels, but there are also bonuses to make sure you get the most out of your Musimorphic Quest.

Bonus #1: Community support

If you worry that perhaps your spouse or friends or colleagues might think you’ve got a screw loose somewhere for taking a path as unique as this one, you don’t have to worry. You’ll have access to a kind, compassionate and like-minded community of people on a similar path, using the same tools.

Bonus #2: Guidance from Musicmorphic Mentors

Not only will you have access to other members, but you’ll also have guidance from our team of Musicmorphic mentors who will help you should you have questions, or need some support.

Bonus #3: Guide to Authentic Resilience with Music

This guide is one of the things that’s made Musicmorphic more popular among new users, and it’s free for you to use.

This will help you understand how to use the music you love to build authentic resilience, so you can face the challenges and hurdles of the world with a sense of calmness, confidence, and peace.

Bonus #4: The Plutchick Wheel of Emotions

What if I told you there are at least 32 human emotions, and that in order to really harness their power use them, and manage them well, you must become intimately familiar with what they are, and how they show up in your body, mind, and soul?

What if I also told you that most people are not taught how to identify, let alone use and manage, all 32 of these emotions?

We’re generally taught the basics. Happy, sad, angry, and so on.

But the truth is there’s a complex and active world of emotions inside of each and every one of us. No wonder people struggle so much with managing them. We don’t even know how to identify them!

With this wheel of emotions, you’ll reconnect with your primary power on your Quest to become more self aware, and be able to accurately identify and observe your emotions without becoming them.

Bonus #5: Gamified, Immersive Active Learning Environment

This isn’t just another “online course”. The Musimorphic Quest is designed to be a highly engaging experience that you happen to learn through.

Besides, the best way to learn is through experience, don’t you think?

With these bonuses, you’ll get everything you need to heal your trauma, soothe your ego, and finally find the peace & empowerment you’re looking for.

Much like other members:

James Hiott

Chief Scientist/engineer at Mad Scientist alternative energy systems

"Bill is a great Mentor, and is open to new ideas, and cares greatly for his fellow people. He has been a great positive influence in my life. He believes in people, when they are having doubts in their self, which is what many people need, in order to succeed."

What would this kind of experience be worth to you?

I ask because Musimorphic is designed to get you exactly that.

Of Course You’re Wondering, “What’s the Cost?”

Now, a lot of shadow work such as psychotherapy tends to cost up to $300+ per session…

If you do the math here, that would be $14,400+ per year which is a hefty price tag…

But that is not what’s going to happen here.

Instead, I’ve structured Musimorphic so that the community can grow and all have access in a way that allows the Quest to be more affordable.

So if you join now, your investment is only…

$149 per month

So you can see results like…


Doug Blackwood

Cancer survivor, Military Veteran, peer counselor

"I confronted my fear of cancer treatment radiation; initially with the Serenity Prayer and meditation. Then it dawned on me: I am seeking serenity. Bill gave me his 'Serenity' CD. The radiation techs played it for me. While the beams radiated, the piano sedated. The power of music! I left Protzmann’s CD for future patients."

Robert J Ackerman, PhD

Worldwide authority on addiction and recovery

"Listening to Bill Protzmann pulls all of the positive things about living into place. He is a master at his ability to relate his music to recovery for everyone. His music and his words of wisdom touch and teach at the same time that recovery is truly a gift, just like his music."


Eric Darling

US Army National Guard (ret), Sr HR NCO 1-109th FA

"Bill is an amazing presenter. His speaking and training abilities are outmatched only by his passion for music and helping Veterans. I’m not sure why I like what he does, but his use of music for healing touches me on some deep level that I normally don’t allow to surface."

or even THIS

Rodney L Hatley, Esq

Asset Protection Attorney

"If you’re looking for a speaker at your next event, I cannot recommend Bill highly enough. As he describes himself, he is a man on a mission, namely, to raise awareness of the power of music as self care. Your audience will be engaged, entertained, and enlightened."

Are you ready?

See What Other Musicmorphic Quest Passengers Have to Say:

Robert Svoboda

"Emotionally ricochet to a place you choose"

"Wow! I have always loved music and have relied on it throughout my life, but I never understood why, or appreciated the logic, methodology, and science behind my reliance on music to carry me through. Understanding the framework of why I feel the way I do, understanding that it is OK and doing so with intent and then being able to emotionally ricochet to a place of my choosing is very comforting. THANK YOU!"

Lesslie Keller

CEO (retired) Episcopal Community Services of CA

"Many thanks for your lively and thoughtful keynote address this morning at our Professional Growth Day. You were at once entertaining, inspiring, and thought-provoking. I confess I could sit and listen to you play the piano for hours, and so appreciate you sharing your gifts with us today."

Gary J Rossio, ASHCP

Director (retired) VA Medical Center San Diego CA

"Bill’s love of music, passion for Veterans and boundless energy to do the right thing in every situation is to be admired. I heartily endorse him and his work."